Cesar Paternosto – Painting and Sculpture: 1970-2008

Durban Segnini cordially invites you to the Opening Reception 
in the presence of the Artist 

Cesar Paternosto 
Painting and Sculpture: 1970-2008

Friday, November 21 at 7 pm

3072 SW 38 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33146

Nov 21, 2008 to Jan 30, 2009

Gallery Hours: 
Mon-Friday 10 – 6 Sat 11 – 4


Paternosto, Gran Pausa Blanca, 2005
Paternosto, Gran Pausa Blanca.2005. Oil,
gesso and marble powder on canvas 59 x 59 in

César Paternosto

Born in Argentina in 1931, César Paternosto has exhibited widely in Latin America and abroad. Since he began working as an artist in the early 1960s, Paternosto has been in the vanguard of abstraction in Latin America. An expert on the symbolic systems of Pre-Columbian civilizations, Paternosto has used his own photography and drawings to document and analyze the ancient remains of the region. Paternosto’s exploration of Amerindian abstraction has fueled his artistic work of the last twenty years.

“[…] Ever since the early 1930s, when Alexander Calder visited Piet Mondrian’s studio and had that marvelous vision of imagining his neat rectangles as if they were flying through space, nobody had achieved a similar effect to the one conceived and executed by Paternosto with his pictures painted on the sides of the canvas, with the resulting effect described earlier, of glowing weightlessness.”(Francisco Calvo Serraller, The Edge of Light, in César Paternosto, exhibition catalogue; Segovia: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente, 2004.)