Carlos Evangelista – Derivaciones Concretas

Mr & Mrs. Cesar Segnini cordially invite you to the
opening reception of

Carlos Evangelista
Derivaciones Concretas

and request the pleasure of your company to meet the artist
Friday June 24th, 7 pm




Painting and sculpture by Carlos Evangelista received his latest bet, where he faces to create a peaceful harmony, both by the use of dynamic forms comes from a rigorous internal order, technical perfection, the minimalist concept of rhythm and balance in each of his pieces, that condensed and contains, combining statism on one side and dynamism to the other. His work comes with full aesthetic sense without necessarily having to resource to literary gimmick or sophisticated preciousness, along three lines, well-defined, well-organized the space from a geometric shape in which the size and color are contrasted harmoniously to achieve a balanced rhythm of the surface or by a formal group freer and less rigid in not intended correspondences more or less accurate, but where the inspiration runs without adding the master plans. The sculptures are projected on parallel tracks, starting from the plane, they move to free ways to continue the requirement of accuracy and order. The different thicknesses and material relief, finally are in favor of a more simple concept, the light is the element that determines the changes in the final order of the shapes.