About Durban Segnini Gallery

Durban Segnini Gallery is internationally recognized as an alma mater gallery in its work with contemporary Latin American art. A work that has specialized in Abstraction in its most diverse expressions, from Geometric Abstraction through Kinetic Art and Optical Art to Abstract Expressionism. During its more than four decades, Durban Segnini has promoted and publicized great masters, exhibited by the gallery at the most important contemporary art fairs in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Its professionalism and specialization is internationally prestigious for a work developed in three stages. The first one was its foundation in Venezuela (Caracas, 1970), the second its opening in Spain (Madrid, 1975) and the current stage, when Durban Segnini opened its doors in the United States (Miami, 1992).

In the first stage, the gallery exhibited members of the Taller Libre de Arte (Free Art Workshop) such as, among others, Omar Carreño, Carlos Cruz Diez and Oswaldo Vigas, who were renewing the Venezuelan and Latin American visual arts panorama of the moment. On the other hand, Durban Segnini made presentations of books, organized concerts, produced editions of graphic art, printed catalogs and created literary gatherings. The second stage in Madrid incorporated Informalist Abstract painters such as Antonio Saura, Modest Cuixart or Antoní Tápies, vital figures to understand Spanish postwar art. Founder gallery of the ARCO Madrid art fair. To this trajectory is added the current stage in the United States (founder gallery of Art Miami fair), where it has produced more than one hundred exhibitions. Among them are the great masters of Latin American Abstraction, among others, Carmelo Arden Quín, Mateo Manaure, Fernando de Szyszlo, Juvenal Ravelo and Manuel Felguérez. Editing English-Spanish catalogs with extensive graphic documentation and essays written by critics and specialized curators, among them Literature Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa. Durban Segnini is the first Latin American gallery to design an exhibition program specifically focused on Latin American sculpture, with participating sculptors such as Gonzalo Fonseca, Agustín Cárdenas, Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar Pablo Atchugarry and Victor Varela.

Durban Segnini revitalizes the presence of the teachers of the Colombian Geometric Abstraction, less known than their Latin American counterparts, such as Omar Rayo, Manolo Vellojin, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, Carlos Rojas or Germán Botero. Parallel to this, Durban Segnini has produced exhibition projects curated by recognized critics and international curators dedicated to the study of Abstract Art in Latin America. The gallery has donated works to important museums like the Contemporary Art Museum Sofia Ímber and the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston. It also organizes conferences, catalog presentations, books, and conversations involving directors of prestigious museums and Abstract Art collections, along with professors from renowned American universities. This multifaceted vocation has turned Durban Segnini a rigorous international epicenter in the exhibition of Latin American Abstract Art; also an influential forum with novel readings on Abstraction, relating in his visions great masters with new and promising figures who are renewing today the Latin American Abstraction panorama of the XXI century.



César Segnini and Master Jesús Soto
César Segnini, Jesús Soto, Cundo Bermúdez












Fernándo de Szyszlo opening, in the image from left to right Ms. Liliana de Szyszlo, master Fernándo de Szyszlo, and Colombian President Gaviria.