Carmelo Arden Quin

Uruguay, 1913 - France, 2010

Painter, sculptor, and poet. He studied painting in Santana do Livramento, Brazil. In 1935 he is drawn by the work of Joaquín Torres García. He settles in Buenos Aires in 1937 and studies Philosophy and Literature at the University. In 1944 he publishes, together with Gyula Kosice and Tomas Maldonado, among others, Arturo. Revista de Artes Abstractas which marks the start of the non-figurative movement in Argentina. A year later he co-founds the “Arte Concreto-Invención” group, and in 1946 the Madí movement. In 1950 he creates the Centre Madí Paris and in 1954 founds in Argentina, along with Aldo Pellegrini, the group Arte Nuevo, consisting of artists of non-figurative tendencies. Quin makes his first geometric non-figurative work in 1935 and in 1936, transgressing the academic framework configuration, he creates his first non-orthogonal paintings. In the 40s Quin produces articulated and mobile sculptures, polygonal framed painting-objects. Later in Paris, he makes use of collage and decoupage (emptying). In 1971, he returns to painting with black lines with bulky forms called Formes galbées (Turned forms). Among his most important solo exhibitions are: Galerie Charley Chevalier (Paris, 1973) “Retrospective 1936-1985”; Galerie des Ponchettes (Nice, 1985); Arte y Tecnología Foundation (Madrid, 1997); Durban Segnini Gallery (Miami, 2006); “A Celebration of Geometric Art, MADÍ Homage to Carmelo Arden Quin”, Leepa Rattner Museum of Art (Tarpon Springs, Florida, 2006). His works are present in different museums and collections including, among others: The Museum of Geometric and MADÍ Art (Dallas, Texas, USA); Musée d’Art Moderne (Saint-Étienne, France); Museu MADÍ de Sobral (Ceará, Brasil); Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Argentina); Daros-Latinamerica Collection (Zurich, Switzerland); Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection (Miami, USA); Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection (Caracas, Venezuela).