Fanny Sanín

Bogotá, Colombia, 1938

Painter and engraver. She studied Fine Arts at the Universidad de Los Andes. In 1962 she participated at the el XIV Salón de Artistas Nacionales in Bogotá, where she showed first her painting Óleo N.° 1. That same year she began studying printmaking and art history at the University of Illinois. She participated in 1964 at the XVI Salón de Artistas Nacionales in Bogotá. A year earlier she had moved to Monterrey and in 1966 Sanín settled in London, where she continued her engraving studies at the Chelsea School of Art and the Central School of Art. She returned to Monterrey in 1968 and established residency in 1971 in New York, where she lives now. Sanín’s work was marked in the beginning by an abstract poetry with certain expressionist traits, but then she refined her abstract geometric poetics with rigorous, organization of chromatic spaces and organic articulation of the balance between planes and lines. Her most important personal exhibitions include Modern Art Gallery (Monterrey, 1964); Museo de Arte Moderno (Bogotá, 1965); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas Sofía Imber (Caracas, 1967); Panamerican Union Gallery (Washington, DC, 1969); Museo de Arte Moderno (México, DF, 1979); Schiller-Wapner Galler (New York, 1986); Greater Lafayette Museum of Art (Lafayette, Indiana, 1990); National Arts Club (New York, 2003); Frederico Seve Gallery (New York, 2013). Her works are present in different museums and collections, among which are: Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France); Museum of Art of the Americas (Washington, DC, USA); Minnesota Museum of Art (St. Paul, MN, USA); Museo de Arte Moderno (Bogotá, Colombia); Museo de Arte Moderno (México DF, México) and Chemical Bank Collection (New York, USA).