Pablo Atchugarry

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1954

Sculptor and Painter. He made himself known through his paintings in the early seventies, but the sculpture gradually gained importance with the use of materials such as cement, wood, and iron. At the end of the decade of 1970, he made several trips between Spain, France, and Italy where he investigates and perfects sculptural techniques and trades that give him a particular mastery of forms and volumes on the stage of contemporary sculpture. Among his most important grants and contests: the National Contest Civiltà e Cultura del Lavoro Lecchese (1999), with a large sculpture of Bernini white marble of 6 meters in height and thirty tons of weight.
That same year the Pablo Atchugarry Museum was inaugurated. In 2002 Carrara awarded him the Michelangelo Prize. The following year with <em>‘Dreaming Peace’</em> he represented Uruguay at the 50th Venice Biennale. The sculptural language of Atchugarry braids expressive resources of late Surrealism with elements of the Abstractionism, which brings to its work a special visual. A visual marked by the use of Carrara and Portugal marble as fundamental material of its production, although he also uses iron and wood. The “spiky” character, monolithic, a kind of columns with sinuous hollows and volumes of soft forms, project to his sculptures majesty and mystery. In the beginning, the sculptures of Atchugarry were inspired by religious motifs, then he evoked natural forms of caves, stalagmites, and stalactites that populate the deep landscape of Europe and America. It is a sculpture that bridges between material and spiritual, between culture and nature. Of his most important personal exhibitions stand out: Maison de l’Amerique Latine (Paris, 1979); Salvini Museum (Coquio Trevisago, 1988); Galerie L`Oeil (Brussels, 1992); National Museum of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires, 2005); Groeninge Museum, (Bruges 2006); “The plastic space of light”. National Museum of Visual Arts, (Montevideo, 2008); “Olympic Spirit.” Albermale Gallery, (London, 2012) “Journey through Matter.” Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, (Montevideo, 2013) “Invocations of the Soul” Hollis Taggart Galeries, (New York, 2016). His works are present in numerous collections and private and public institutions from Europe, the United States, and Latin America, such as Museo Lercaro, (Italia); Peréz Art Museum, (USA); Colección Berardo, (Portugal). In 1999 the Pablo Atchugarry Museum was inaugurated in Lecco (Italy).