Friday November 18, 2016

Hours: 7 - 10

Manuel Felguérez


Mathematics, science, and machines are the original sources in the imaginary world of Manuel Felguérez. It’s a well-known secret; thus, I shall attempt to examine the topic minutely, convinced that the result of the investigation shall help to understand that the artist is a devoted reader of science fiction, a tendency that has influenced the poetics and themes of his work. To express the issue as such from the outset will facilitate the undertaking of examining his sculptures (meticulous and geometric) and his latest paintings (lively and informal), a prior and necessary step that shall explain to us the reason why he combines visual resources in a way that appears contradictory and even unwonted on the surface, raising question marks that,
unless clarified, would overshadow—rather than explain—the contributions by this great Mexican artist to 20th-century international art.