November 30, 2015

Hours: 7 -10

Again, for the First Time: Contemporary Remakings of Abstraction (November 3oth, 2015- March 30th, 2016) is the first of two group exhibitions guest-curated by Rina Carvajal for the Durban Segnini Gallery in Miami.  This exhibition examines contemporary abstraction’s contextualization and  re-interpretation  in recent artistic practices.  Aiming to reassess abstraction’s critical role as aesthetic idiom, perceptual process, and research form, this project considers how its constant re-makings keep abstract art crucial, a strategy to think contemporary culture and to incite ongoing critical dialogues with everyday reality.

Connecting several of the ever-changing trajectories of abstraction, the exhibition brings together a group of seven  artists whose work engage divergent conceptual approaches to abstract art.  Working in a variety of media and formats, their art speaks to the renewed potential of the language of geometric abstraction today.  The complexity and heterogeneity of their practices continue to generate new emphases and thematics tied to modernist histories, as well as to the constantly shifting conditions of contemporary life.

Artists in the exhibition:

  • Gabriel Acevedo Velarde (Lima, 1976)
  • Carla Chaim (São Paulo,1983)
  • Andre Komatsu (São Paulo, 1978)
  • Daniel Medina (Caracas, 1978)
  • Jorge Pedro Nuñez (Caracas, 1976)
  • Nicolas Robbio (Mar de Plata, 1975)
  • Francisco Ugarte (Guadalajara, Mexico 1975)

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