The side inside

May 20 - August 31 2023

“You must first try to see composition, color, and line, and not the representation as representation 1.”

The Side Inside features an interaction between a selection of oeuvres of three artists: Ricardo Alcaide (1967), Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar (1922-2004) and Manolo Vellojin (1943-2013) . Despite their inherent temporal and geographic distances, and the fact that they develop their works in the context of diverse, overlapping sources and inspirations, and favor disparate artistic investigations and endeavors, they share a highly abstracted idiom

that is purified, distilled and refined. Furthermore the artworks presented in this intergenerational exhibition create nonobjective compositions of elemental forms that through oppositions of color and lines generate a dialogue between the two- dimensional plane and three-dimensional space.