Fernándo de Syzszlo – Ronda nocturna

Durban Segnini Gallery proudly presents 16 recent works by Fernando de Syzszlo, renown Peruvian painter exponent of geometric expressionism.
The artist will be present at the opening reception.

Until June 30, 2007

De la serie Ceremonia, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm, 2007

April 28 -June 30, 2007

“..plant ourselves in front of any of Fernando de Szyszlo’s works and we are immediately overcome by a sense of mystery. If we give precedence to our gaze in order to solve this mystery, the forms are capable of suggesting to us so many things that the whole is never fully revealed to us; consequently, the mystery persists…To state it otherwise and in general terms, his work revolves around human alienation, understood as our inability at times to forge our own destiny ourselves.

Szyszlo’s work is legible and capable of being interpreted. His images are not completely figurative, but neither are they totally abstract. Geometry is always present, although far from the rigor of purists. Expression is subjected to some degree of discipline, but the stroke strays from any rigidness and remains fluid. In the midst of so many deliberate ambiguities, Fernando de Szyszlo may be described as an exponent of geometric expressionism, a title that may sound strange within the nomenclature of contemporary art, but which is common in the pre-Columbian art of the three Americas.

Born in Lima in 1925, the descendant of a Polish father and a Peruvian mother, Fernando de Szyszlo is a well-known scholar of the pre-Columbian world and has contributed to a better understanding of it with the publication of numerous articles.

Notes by Curator Alvaro Medina, Institute of Aesthetic Research
National University of Colombia

April 28 – june 30, 2007

Opening Reception: Saturday April 28, 2007
Hours: 7 – 10 pm
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